Friday, September 28, 2012


Day 4

Pakistan has over 81 million women who suffer some of the worst cases of gender-based injustice.  Female literacy is 23%; school enrollment is 16%; maternal mortality  rate is as high as 340 per 100,000 live births.

99% of the babies which are thrown into gutters, trash bins and on sidewalks in Karach are girls.  They are considered a burden on society.

Daily up to three women die from "stove deaths;" one out of three of these were pregnant.  This usually occurs after a history of marital abuse for not giving birth to a son, disobedience , or allegations of adultery.

The more I read this book, "30 Days of Prayer for the Voiceless" the more grate full I am that I was born here in the United States where women are valued.  I can't imagine the oppression and violence these women endure and it is deemed acceptable, even normal behavior. 

A portion of the book:  Zafran Bibi was marries 13 years ago to Naimat Khan.  Three years into the marriage he was convicted of murder and sentenced to 25 years.  She had to live with her in-laws, harassed occasionally by her husband's brother, Jamal.  When she complained about his advances her mother-in-law blamed her.  A few days later Jamal raped Zafran.  Her in-laws discovered she was pregnant and accused her of adultery with another man called Akmal.  This got Jamal off scot free, and Akmal was thrown into jail.

Zafran still went to the police with her father-in-law to file a report.  She stated that she was raped while cutting grass a short distance from her house.  But even her lawyer portrayed her in court as a women of low character involved willingly in a sexual relationship.  She got death by stoning for her ungodly behavior while the rapist was released.

Lord, I pray you would set these women free.  I pray for the missionaries living in this area, the ones who are trying to bring your light into such a dark and evil place.  I pray they would have the strength to preach your words.  I pray that many would receive Jesus as their savior and know true freedom.  I pray that this distorted code of honor would come to an end.  I pray you would open the eyes of the world, to raise up an out cry against these practices and oppression.  Oh Lord, I pray our heart would break for the things that break your heart, that we wouldn't stay wrapped up in our own little world but that we would reach out and help others in need. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

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