Friday, January 6, 2012

Listen to Abe

I had just finished cleaning the bathroom, while Isaac played in the bath tub. Sam and Abe came in to brush their teeth. I said, "boys i don't want to see any toothpaste in the sink when your done." Sam starts looking around, all perplexed, like leaving the sink without a big blob of toothpaste smeared somewhere on it is an impossible task. Abe stares right at Sam and says in the most authoritative Abe voice you've ever heard, "Sam you better pray about it!" Abe is so right. Even the smallest things can be brought before our Father in prayer. Abe has been learning about the power of prayer and he can attest that it is working in his own life, so if your wondering what to do about something big or small. I suggest you listen to Abe and pray about it.
Here they are Sam and Abe.

On a funny note. Isaac came out the other day with his lip colored red with a magic maker and declared that he was ready to go. I guess he put on his lip stick and was ready to paint the town red!