Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Look who's ONE!

Yes it's true, Isaac turned 1 yesterday. We had a little celebration at home, and a larger party planned for Saturday night.

Isaac enjoyed an oatmeal cookie, and his brothers helped him blow out his candle.

This is what happens when Isaac has a fruit bar for breakfast. It gets everywhere and this boy really likes to smear things in his hair and after the fruit bar we have to resort to a wash down in the sink. Needless to say we only have fruit bars when we also have time for a rinse. Isaac enjoys all of it immensely.

Is he cute or what?

This child loves to laugh and has a about a half dozen different laughs which always seem to fit the occasion. And it just so happens his name means laughter. Needless to say were all madly in love with this little guy and believe it or not were already starting to think dream and pray about our next baby! How does God do that! I never dreamed I'd be a mother of four boys, let alone 4 boys from three different continents and now I'm already dreaming of another brown eyed, brown skinned beauty. My heart already aches to wrap my arms around my baby. Have a blessed day! More pictures to come of the up coming party.

On a side note we went to the fair yesterday and some friends of our allowed the boys to get in with there ram so the boys could pet it. Well it was time to go the ram had, had enough so Sam reached out to pet it one more time and then he licked it right in the middle of it's back and then grinned ear to ear. Oh Sam we never know what your going to do next and yet I wasn't surprised, it was soooo funny!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

June 20th was a big day for the Singletons

Sorry this is long overdue! I need to do better on posting, the days seem to short and the to do list to long! Father's Day was a big deal this year not only does Ben now have another son to call him DaDa, but Owen was baptised, it was Abe's 5th gotcha day and Isaac was 11 months old. If that's not a reason to celebrate then i don't know what is.

Daddy and the boys, none of them like to have there picture taken, including Daddy, can't you tell!

This is Owen preparing for his baptisism, later that night I asked him about it and was telling him how proud we were of him and his decision to follow Christ and this is what he said, "Water feel good on outside and heart feel good on inside." We are so proud of him and praying he will always jump in where God leads.

Here is the boy who started it all. I can't believe it's been five years already. We love you buddy and we're so glad God chose us to be your family.

Here is our mover and shaker. He's been cruising around on all fours for a month now and he's getting good with a walker. Time flys, soon we'll be having a birthday party!

This is singer man (aka Sam) he often comes out for special occasions and church. We still haven't figured it out yet, we'll let you know when we do!

We've been so blessed by all of our children and can't imagine our family without them and we eagerly await the next child God has for our family.