Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Day 5

Definition- It is the medical termination of a pregnancy at any point before the full delivery of the baby.

Approximately 46 million abortions take place each year worldwide--almost 2 every 3 seconds.

The average is 1 abortion per woman worldwide.

Careless abortions account for 80,000 maternal deaths globally per year.

This one really breaks my heart.  As a mother who has dealt with infertility.  I can't say I really fully understand abortion.  I do know that, it is a complicated multi-faceted problem, that creates death and destruction for both the mother and child and it's devastation has far greater reaches than I can imagine.

I believe abortion has it's root in the Satan, the father of all lies, he lies to women telling them they can't have their child for a multitude of reasons and gradually the women begin to believe the lies or they are pressured by someone else until they give in and have their babies aborted.  The aftermath is crushing, they realize what they have done, maybe they don't admit, it not even to themselves, but the pain and hurt is there as a constant reminder, and only God can heal the gaping wound.  My heart breaks for these women so many of them believing the lies of Satan and then the guilt and shame that must come.  I feel so inadequate to even type one word about this subject.  All I can do is weep and pray for these women and children.

God delights in forming babies in their mother's womb. Psalm 139:13

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