Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Domestic Violence

Day Three

Definition-domestic violence occurs between spouses or intimate partners, when one partner in the relationship tries to control the other person.  The perpetrator uses fear and intimidation and often physical or sexual violence. 

60% of battered women are abused while they are pregnant. 

Every 9 seconds in the United States, a women is assaulted and beaten.

A portion of the book:  "She's you neighbor.  No matter what language you speak or where you live -- a house in Peru, an apartment in Toronto or a hut in a North African village.  You talk to her throughout the week, send your kids outside to play with her kids, you share the same street."  (30 Days of Prayer for the Voiceless)

It's astounding that domestic violence is so rampant in our society and around the world.  I pray that these women would have the courage and support to come out of these abusive relationships.  Ps. 83:2 Says, we are to "defend the cause of the weak."  I pray that our eyes and ears would be open and to the cries of these women that we would be there to support and pray for them.  That we wouldn't miss any opportunities to help.  Oh Father that you would send them the help they need and that they would have the courage to accept your help.

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