Thursday, December 22, 2011

W..W..W...Where baby Jesus?

Owen and Abe had wonderful Christmas programs this year. They both had parts and really enjoyed getting to perform. Both plays had a nativity, complete with Mary, Joseph, animals, shepards, wise men, and of course baby Jesus. Isaac especially liked watching his brothers and their friends on stage. He would point them out excitedly, but then he would always come back to the same question. He would stare intently at the stage and say w..w..w..where baby Jesus? I would respond he's not there yet but soon he'll be in the manager. Again and again with great expectancy in his voice Isaac would ask W..w..w..where baby Jesus? Finally toward the end of the second play I took Isaac up the the manager to see Baby Jesus, he looked at the baby doll lying in the manager and then he looked at me and said, W..w..w..where baby Jesus? It was clear he knew that wasn't baby Jesus, he expected more. His persistence and expectant attitude were a lesson to me. He greatly anticipated Jesus arrival and he expected so much more.

...He will precede the coming of the Messiah, preparing the people for his arrival. He will soften adult hearts to become like little children's, and will change disobedient minds to the wisdom of faith. Luke 1:17B

I want to be like Isaac this Christmas season expecting great things and a great celebration as we anticipate the coming of our King as a tiny baby!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

We've been doing an advent calender this Christmas season. Inside it are little books, one for each day and it tells the story of Christmas. Boys really enjoy it and look forward to their turn to read the book and hang it on the tree. On day 8 the book is titled "The Journey". Here is what it said,

"Joseph helped Mary climb onto the donkey's back. Then he led the donkey slowly away from their home, down the streets of Nazareth and into the countryside.

The road took them through fields filled with screeching birds and wilderness areas inhabited by howling jackals. Now and then, Joseph and Mary felt afraid. But they comforted each other and spoke of their faith in God. Clip, clop, clip, clop went the donkey's hooves as they plodded up steep, dusty trails.

Clip, clop, clip, clop went the donkey on steady hooves down winding rocky paths. The stones hurt Joseph's feet, and the sun made Mary drowsy. How she longed to stretch out on a soft bed. But the road to Bethlehem was a long one, and they still had many miles to go.

Finally the trail led them down to the sandy desert with its long hot days and cold nights. Joseph and Mary prayed they would be safe."

As I read this story I was moved to tears. How much the mother of our savior suffered and sacrificed in order to fulfill the prophets words that the Savior would be born in the City of David. She labored, and struggled, frightened and exhausted, doing her best to keep her baby safe and alive. Her journey reminds me of the J
journey so many birth mothers make to place their children in a safe place, that they might live. They travel through a hot dry land parched and afraid, crying out to God to save them and their children and when they finally reach "Bethlehem" they make a great sacrifice and leave their children in the hands of others in hopes that their children will not just have a better life but just so that child might live. As we wait for our children to come home I feel the Lord impressing on me the need to pray for their safety. I wonder if they are on a dangerous journey right now, filled with howling jackals and suffocating heat, and so I pray. Would you pray too?

" He brought them out with mighty power and upraised fist to strike their enemies, for his loving kindness to "my babies" continues forever. Praise the Lord who opened the "the sea of red tape" to make a path before them, for his loving kindness continues forever, and he led them safely through, for his loving kindness continues forever-- Psalms 136:11-14

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We're still waiting for a referral, but we are waiting expectantly for the Lord to move in His timing and bring us news of our babies. here are a few pictures you might enjoy.

First Owen 3rd grade, Abe 2nd Grade, Sam preschool and Isaac is still with momma.Day of school

That"s all for now.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update anyone?

It's been awhile, I know! We're still here, everyone accounted for. The boys are growing and changing everyday. They keep me on my toes, and though there are days when I wonder how I'm going to get everything done and will there be enough of me to go around, I am reminded with a sweet smile from Isaac, a loud whoop from Sam, a strange language from Abe or a unbelieving head shake from Owen, that God has called me to this amazing adventure and if he has called me then he has equipped me as well.

Owen is in 3rd grade, doing great, enjoying his buddies and soccer. His heart fof the least of these continues to humble me.

Abe is in the 2ND grade, studying hard, enjoying soccer and piano. Abe has an innate sense of rhythm, which totally baffles me, I do well to clap with the beat. His teacher and I are both impressed with his abilities.

Sam is in pre-school this year. He loves it. He's also playing soccer, but it somehow looks more like football, he's always on the ground or in the process of taking someone else to the ground.

Isaac is with Mama most of the time, although he does spend some time in the Y nursery, aka "his school", which he enjoys very much and Mama enjoys time to herself in the pool exercising.

No news on the adoption front. Our dossier has been in Ethiopia almost four months and our agency has told us it could take a year to get a referral, so we wait and pray. If you would like to join us in praying our children home, here are a few verse, I feel like the Lord has given me while we wait.

Psalm 121:5-8 (The Living Bible) Jehovah himself is caring for you! He is your defender. He protects you day and night. He keeps you from all evil, and preserves your life. He keeps his eye upon you as you come and go, and always guards you.

Psalm 37:19 (The Living Bible) He cares for them when times are hard; even in famine, they will have enough.

As some of you may know there is a famine in the Horn of Africa which encompasses the southern region of Ethiopia.

Spending a little time on the potty, but far from being potty trained! That's all for now.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy tonight, heavy for some many things. Several weeks ago we received an email from our agency telling us wait times for referrals went from 4-6 months to 10-16 months. Oh sure the wait kills me, thinking about our children hoping to get them home as soon as possible. But what about the children what do they face, how are they suffering during the wait. And with the news of increased wait times came the increasingly more alarming news that the drought in the horn of Africa, which includes portions of southern Ethiopia, has now been declared a famine. A famine in the southern region where Isaac is from. If you read this I encourage you to give, give to save a life, perhaps even a Singleton life. Don't let the vastness of the problem paralyze you, be moved by compassion, by a heart the longs to see every child feed. World Vision is one organization that I believe is really reaching the people with food, water, and hope. Please give, we are the hands and feet of Jesus and if we won't help who will?
So glad Isaac is home, safe, happy, and feed. Please pray for the waiting children of Ethiopia and give to aid in the relief of the the famine. Go to to give today.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


For those of you who don't know DTE is short for Date To Ethiopia and we have ours. Our paper work left yesterday 6/17/2011. This is the date our agency uses to track where we are in line and help predict when we could get a referral ect. Ethiopia has made a lot of changes lately, and changes usually mean a slow down in the adoption process. Please pray for us and our children as await their homecoming.

In a totally different topic, all three older boys learned to ride a bike Monday! They are so proud of themselves!


Monday, June 13, 2011

It's in the mail!

If all goes well, and please pray it does, our paperwork will be leaving for Ethiopia on Fri. I can't wait to get on to the next step, I have been more impatient than ever with this adoption.

On a completely different note here's what happens when dad says you can dress yourself:

Yes we went out to eat like this. One child ago, I would have never let them out the door in such a mismatched state, but well something has got to give when you have four kids and hopefully two more on the way.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Finish in site!

Hey All,
I know I've been AWOL for a while now. I really will try to do better. Today is my birthday and our dossier is almost complete. The best present EVER would be to get this dossier finished and out of my hands. I hope to be able to send it to our agency by the end of the week. The paper work has been such a long process this time, and the wait time for referral is unknown right now with all the changes Ethiopia has made. Please join in praying our children home. God has reminded me of the parable of the Persistent Widow in Luke 18:1-8. Go look it up if you can't remember it. Here are a few of verses I'm clinging to, 6 And the Lord said, "Listen to what the unjust judge says. 7 And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? 8 I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly...
Praying and believing for swift justice.
Blessings, Leigha

Monday, February 7, 2011

Here is the most recent picture of our family, seems we never get a family picture taken until one is required for a post-placement visit or a home study update (ha ha). Oh well it keeps us pushing on toward the prize, our children, those home and those not yet here. This vs. seems to sum it up perfectly: Isaiah 60:11 Your gates will always stand open, they will never shut, day or night, so that men may bring you the wealth (children are our true wealth) of the nations...
Many of you have been asking me about our adoption and where were at with it. So here is a little update. We are currently "paper chasing" and yes it takes awhile especially if your me. I was all geared up this time to gather everything quickly and send it off as soon as possible, but as some of you who have encountered adoptions before know, that sometimes no matter how hard you try to move at lightning speed it always seems to turn into a snails pace. I'm doing better with it than I have in the past. I know that God is orchestrating the timing perfectly so that our paper work and our child(rens) paperwork come together at exactly the right time. So when paperwork gets lost in the mail or you use the wrong medical form for the wrong agency and have to go back and get it redone, yes both happened, you grit you teeth and smile telling your self repeatedly that it all happens in Gods timing. We are asking for two children this time, they could be unrelated but it is unlikely. We would like one to be older than Isaac 1 1/2, and younger than Sam 4, and the other child will be younger than Isaac. Two children aren't always available especially when you limit the age ranges like we have, so are agency would like to be prepared to adopt just one child if that is all that is available at that time. I would like to get two children this time, but at the same time, I know how hard the first few months are with just one new child so I'm happy to leave that decision up to God because he knows what's best for our family. No we are not being specific about gender this time around, but for those of you longing to see some pink in the Singleton house, know this for sure it will happen, I'm just not sure when.
Here are a few more pictures you might like!