Friday, December 25, 2009

Court Date

Well, it's not good news and it's not terrible news either. Court was closed Dec. 25th for evaluations so our case was bumped to Jan. 1, 2010. This is good because it means we didn't fail court and don't have to wait for a new court date,which sometimes takes a month and then another month for the court date to arrive so waiting an extra week isn't so bad, but it wasn't exactly what we hoped for either. So maybe it wasn't the Christams present we had hoped for , but we are hopeful and confident that the Lord is positioning our case before the right judge at the right time. Please pray for successful court date on January 1, 2010, we're hoping for a new son for the new year.
It was disappointing and yet it didn't rob the joy of the day. Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

News of our baby

Our court date is rapidly approaching and we are looking forward to the best present ever, news that our son is legally ours!!! Please continue to pray for a successful court date. I wanted to share with you some news we received about our baby, but I'll need to back up and tell you the whole story.
The day after Thanksgiving, I checked my cell phone and found that one of our travel buddies from Sam's adoption had called. He left a message and said he was going to Ethiopia and that he would love to take a care package to our baby... translation insider info on how our baby is doing. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to know that someone you trust and respect is going to hold your baby and tell him your coming and you love him. It was so wonderful and amazing to hear first hand that he was doing well and growing big. Caleb (our travel buddy) called after he returned home and told us all about our baby and he also emailed us some pictures. Caleb said he seemed big for his age, very happy and cuddly. I can't wait to get some cuddles for myself. Caleb had an amazing trip and is now looking for sponsors to feed children who currently eat maybe once or twice a WEEK!!! If you want to sponsor a child you can contact him through his blog click on the post titled, Selfless Faith, dated Dec. 16, 2009. I read this quote on someone else's blog and it really struck a nerve. Read for yourself,
"He then goes on to say, “Since I been visitin a lotta churches, I hear people talkin ‘bout how after readin our story, they feel “led” to help the homeless, to come alongside the down and out. But when it comes to helpin people that ain’t got much, God didn’t leave no room for feelin led……what you gon’ do when you get to heaven and you ain’t done none ‘a that? Stand in front a’ God and tell Him, “I didn’t feel led?”
So many have so little and we have so much I think it's time we did somthing about it.