Monday, February 7, 2011

Here is the most recent picture of our family, seems we never get a family picture taken until one is required for a post-placement visit or a home study update (ha ha). Oh well it keeps us pushing on toward the prize, our children, those home and those not yet here. This vs. seems to sum it up perfectly: Isaiah 60:11 Your gates will always stand open, they will never shut, day or night, so that men may bring you the wealth (children are our true wealth) of the nations...
Many of you have been asking me about our adoption and where were at with it. So here is a little update. We are currently "paper chasing" and yes it takes awhile especially if your me. I was all geared up this time to gather everything quickly and send it off as soon as possible, but as some of you who have encountered adoptions before know, that sometimes no matter how hard you try to move at lightning speed it always seems to turn into a snails pace. I'm doing better with it than I have in the past. I know that God is orchestrating the timing perfectly so that our paper work and our child(rens) paperwork come together at exactly the right time. So when paperwork gets lost in the mail or you use the wrong medical form for the wrong agency and have to go back and get it redone, yes both happened, you grit you teeth and smile telling your self repeatedly that it all happens in Gods timing. We are asking for two children this time, they could be unrelated but it is unlikely. We would like one to be older than Isaac 1 1/2, and younger than Sam 4, and the other child will be younger than Isaac. Two children aren't always available especially when you limit the age ranges like we have, so are agency would like to be prepared to adopt just one child if that is all that is available at that time. I would like to get two children this time, but at the same time, I know how hard the first few months are with just one new child so I'm happy to leave that decision up to God because he knows what's best for our family. No we are not being specific about gender this time around, but for those of you longing to see some pink in the Singleton house, know this for sure it will happen, I'm just not sure when.
Here are a few more pictures you might like!