Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

Tomorrow after lunch we get to meet our little Valentine. We looking forward to it with great excitment. A few more families have made it to the guest house where we're staying. It's amazing how quickly adoption can bind different families together. We are very close to our travel group from Sammy's adoption and we look forward to connections that will come from Isaac's adoption. Something about meeting your kids together for the first time some how bonds you together for life.
We will keep you posted, please continue to pray for us and our meeting and bonding with Isaac!


  1. Oh I hope you can post pics of sweet baby Isaac! Sounds like Ben's in his food element! LOL! You better not be liking this travel group better than us! ;)

    Much love from home!! :)

  2. Tracy, so glad you, the sweetest person ever, said this first. You can't like them more. And I'd appreciate it if you'd remind them often of their second place status.

  3. I'd like to third what the other 2's simply true. The end. No, not yet...get their email addresses and we'll be happy to inform them of their second place status personally :) Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Feeling the butterflies right now...imagining you walking in and seeing him for the first time. You got yourself a GREAT kiddo...and he's a handsome little guy too! Dear April, we can't for you to arrive...dreaming of April to be with you all!