Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Bithday Abe!!!

Today is Abe's birthday. He's six today and he's in love with all things Star Wars. We had a great Star Wars party before we left complete with a green light saber birthday cake. Abe was excited to have his birthday near Isaac's home coming. It's strange to think today we could be meeting Isaac's birthmother and Abe's birth mother is probably even now wondering about him and what his future holds. We are so grateful to the birth families that now belong to our family. So many often say to us, how can they let go of their children, but I often wonder could I do the same if I were in their position. Would I have that kind of sacrifical love giving up a son or daughter because I know I couldn't provide for his or her basic needs? I am sadden that so many all over the world face this decision everyday. Although we do not know much about any of our children's birth families. We know that many birth families choose to place their children in orphanages in the hopes that their children will have a hope and future beyond anything they would be able to give to their children.
So it's with mixed emotions that we face this day, uncertain what it will bring, but either way it will bring an unimaginable loss to Isaac's mother. We are honored to have him as part of our family and we feel great honor to be called his mom and dad.
Happy Birthday Abraham, we love you and miss, have a good birthday buddy!


  1. Happy Birthday, Abe! Hope you guys are having a great trip! We are thinking about you! I am sure you are both anxious for Monday!

  2. We just called Abe to wish him a happy Birthday and he said, "Will you and Dan sing me the Happy Birthday song?" Then he added at the end "Just whatever you know will be fine." What a ham! Mom and dad are taking the boys to a movie tonight, so I am sure they will be loaded up with popcorn and pop! Abe seemed to be enjoying his birthday. We are praying for you everytime we think of you guys!
    Larcy and Dan