Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pray for Isaac

We just got an email from our agency. Isaac has pneumonia. They are treating him with antibiotics and we pray he is better soon. Owen our oldest is also sick with the stomach flu. Our flight got changed this morning due to the bad weather in DC. We are also having a hard time confirming our in-country plans because our agency is also in the DC area and has been closed for the last two days. Long story short the war wages on and we would appreciate your prayers. We know God is faithful and just and he has called us to this task and he will equip us for the task at hand. But as we forge ahead it would be a blessing to know others are petitioning the Lord on our behalf.


  1. We are PRAYING!!! Nothing can get in the way of the perfect plan of God...doors will be opened that no man can shut! Soooooo excited that you are this close, but also know that it's got to be frustrating. Let me know if you need any numbers or contacts in ET with guest house or anything, we want to help in any way...but in the meantime, we are praying and resting in the promises of God for you and sweet Isaac Abebe...can't wait to hold him again! Love you guys!

  2. You guys have been on my mind almost constantly for over a week. The snow reports bummed me so much knowing that DC is a key part of the travel plan. The pneumonia news makes me sad, too, but I'm grateful they are wise and are treating him. We are praying that God's perfect plan will come together for each one of you. Please keep us posted.