Monday, February 15, 2010

Meetcha Day!!!

Today is the day we've been awaiting for! We met Isaac Ababe Singleton for the first time this afternoon. He is precious, beautiful, fat and happy! Even though we've experienced this moment a couple of times before, it was still indescribable and more wonderful than we could have imagined. It took Leigha about three-fifths of a second to shift into hardcore mommy mode. I think he had just woke up when he came out of the transition house to meet us. It didn't take long to coax the most beautiful smiles from him. He has the fattest cheeks (and arms, and hands, and thighs, and knees) you've ever seen! He were allowed to spend about 3 hours with him, and he didn't cry once. Leigha fed him a bottle after which he instantly became milk drunk and passed out on her lap. There were six other families with us--all first time adopters. It was great to see them experience the moment of meetcha. A few of the kids were a little scared at first, but within a few minutes everyone had started to bond. I should probably write some more about today, but the pictures tell a better story and that's what you all are tuning in for anyway... Enjoy!!!


Guest blogger note - I cannot resist the temptation to gush over this family and this child. Have you ever??? He's perfect! Ben and Leigh, you amaze me.


  1. Oops, your name is LeighA. I was just so excited.

  2. I guess my first comment didn't make it, oh well!! I decided to take another look at my beautiful new grandson! He looks at home in the arms of his mommy & daddy. Looking forward to the airport on Sat. Love Mom

  3. Oh my! These pics made me laugh out loud! Isaac is so aptly named! Thank you Lord for this precious, perfect gift! So happy for you Ben and Leigha!!!---- Owen, Abe and Samuel will be the best big brothers!

  4. He is GORGEOUS!!!!! I'm sorry, but ET babies just get more and more beautiful with time...I was a hot mess in a meeting when I saw these pictures. It's a special, special day...wishing we all (yes, the #1 travel group families) were there with you...but in a way, we are! We know the feeling and are experiencing it from a far - man, that kid is amazing!!!!

  5. He is beautiful and I am so happy for you guys!

  6. Leigha, Ben and sons:
    Couldn't help but get all gushy with emotions looking at the pictures of your beautiful new addition. Can't wait to touch those cute little chubby cheeks and hands. So very happy for you all!

  7. I can't believe this is Meetcha day again for your family. We are overjoyed for your family!! It brought tears to my eyes seeing you in Simply Love. We are soooooo happy for you today!!

  8. Ben and Leigha, Isaac is so beautiful! And he looks so happy and healthy! Praise God! :) We cannot wait to see his little chubby self in person!!
    Safe travels home!