Thursday, February 9, 2012


Leigha here:
I got an email from Ben today. He's doing well. They are in Uganda, scouting out places to lead future trips. Ben is traveling with a mission group called "One Child", there mission is to lead trips to different places around the world to help others understand "the need" and then those individuals take "the need" back to there local churches etc. and begin to meet "the needs" the saw on their trip. Caleb (founder of One Child) has a church interested in making regular trips to Uganda so this current trip is to access the needs of the Ugandan people and figure out all the logistics.

Here is part of Ben's email, "We met with a local pastor today and it went pretty well. We went to part of his community and talked to some women and played with lots of kids. I am FILTHY from the sweat, dust, and dirty kids. I even ended up with poo all over my arm. Turns out that potty training kids just don't wear anything but a shirt. A girl named Rebecca Sorensen has been taking us around. She is 28 and has been here for 2 years. She has started a school that has 200-400 kids each day. She has also taken in 14 of her own. Very similar to Katy Davis work. I think she really wants Caleb to work with her because she is going to be with us basically the whole time we're here. She sells beads too, so I'll try to bring some home. She said they have beaded purses too. 3 of her girls have been healed from HIV. We are going to her school tomorrow ago celebrate their 3 year anniversary. Someone gave her 8 acres that she plans to clear for farm ground- maybe we can get your dad to come help! I miss you guys. I have slept 4 hours since I work up Monday morning but I feel great. I ate fresh talapia on the banks of the Nile for lunch. We are getting a kicked out of the Internet spot. We are 8 hours ahead of you.

I know Ben is right where God wants him. Please pray for him.

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