Thursday, February 9, 2012

More from Uganda

We just got back from Rebecca's school and it was beyond amazing. They sang and danced and had a big program, partly because today was the 3rd birthday for the school. The kids led worship & I can't a even describe how powerful it was. A little girl named Fatima latched on to me as soon as I got there and never let go. She was either on my lap or holding my hand for about 6 hours. I told Rebecca I wanted to sponsor her. She wasn't one of those kids that you just fall in love with at first sight. She was very solemn but she wanted so desperately for me to hold her that I felt like I needed to take care of her. I met several of reabecca's girls & they were all incredible. She is planning on bringing a kids choir to the states in January & I mentioned coming to indiana, I so hope you get to meet her. We are going to supper at a place called "Carnivore" so im really excited about that. The children's prison trip is tomorrow morning & then we'll be heading to ET tomorrow evening. I can't believe we're almost done here. I don't feel like we've helped at all, but I guess that our contribution really begins when we get home. Uganda has been a great experience, but ET is my calling. I should have good Internet when I get there so I will be able to write more.

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