Friday, February 10, 2012

Carnival not Carnivore

I was really disappointed when we pulled up to Carnivore last night, turns out the name is "Carnival". The disappointment didn't last long though. On the walk up to the restaurant we went right past the biggest, most beautiful barbecue pit I've ever seen! There wash a band that played Ugandan music & they did some traditional dances. The waiter set a toy gorilla on the end of the table and told us he would keep bringing meat until we turned it over. It was a dream come true! Before we flipped the monkey we enjoyed chicken gizzards, a couple of different beef dishes, a couple of goat dishes, pork and chicken- a wonderful meat medley! Rebecca and Michael (an awesome Ugandan man who works with Rebecca and has taken in 14 boys) joined us and we had such a fun time. She shared some more about what her girls had been through, some more healings they experienced, and some things that still needed to be healed. We can't even imagine how blessed we are not to have to experience what so many kids if Africa do. It was very encouraging to see what is happening at her school. It gave us all hope that some of the horrible things we'll see in ET can get better. We found out last night that we won't be able to visit the children's prison. Apparently the government has closed many of them, at least the ones close to the capital where we are. My guess is that it is in response to the publicity that SixtyFeet has generated. I can't help but wonder what happened to the kids who were there though. We are meeting with the local pastor who has been ministering to the children, so hopefully we can get some answers. I'm really excited to head back to ET tonight.

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