Sunday, October 11, 2009

Owen our oldest son...

This weekend we went to Spring Mill State Park for a family reunion and had a wonderful time, hiking, swimming, seeing the sites, and just being together with family. At these kinds of events, the conversation always seems to turn to our adoptions, and what is next for our family. We love to share the things God has done and the ways he has moved in our lives to bring us our sons, but this weekend the question asked was a little different than usual. One relative asked how Owen deals with all the adoptions. In response, I shared the words of Owen with them. One evening several weeks ago it was bedtime and we had all gathered in Samuel's bed for the bedtime story and we were reading about Hannah and her prayer for a child, toward the end of the story I read and God's gift to Hannah was Samuel, and Owen pipes up proudly, "Hey that's just like us, Samuel is God's gift to us." I couldn't have said it better myself. Owen is an amazing big brother and a wonderful adoption advocate.


  1. Oh that precious Owen! His heart is such a reflection of our Lord's. Thank you Leigha for that beautiful prayer for our children! We are blessed beyond measure to have your prayers before the throne for our children! You are a treasure to me sweet sister!!

  2. Love that kiddo!!! Awesome!

  3. I wish I could post this for the entire world to read. For all those who say, "but we just don't know how he'll handle an adopted brother," please read Owen's words. They will adapt. They will love their sibling(s). They will share. And maybe, just maybe, they will have a heart and mind that cares for others.

    SO glad to have you in blog world, Singletons.