Tuesday, July 2, 2013

more on ET

6. We are here at the beginning of the rainy season, so it rains almost every afternoon and most evenings, it cools everything off and washes the air clean.  It is winter here but it is usually about 70 degrees, so not the winter we are used to.
7. People are always sweeping here sidewalks, patios, porches, and courtyards.., but they throw their trash down where ever they are.  We can't really figure it out.  They have way less disposable trash so its not as bad as it would be in the US.
8.  Shopping is an adventure here. No Walmart and there isn't anything similar.  Their stores are more the size of gas station, with a fraction of the choices.  Makes me realize how spoiled we are.

We will go to the transition home again today to visit Cyrus and hope our letter gets written.

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