Monday, July 1, 2013


Here are a few things you might find when you come to ET.
1 traffic is like a huge game of frogger, people and vehicles dodging each other with great skill, if its your first time you will find yourself white knuckled and gasping, oh and if you get car sick, forget it, oh and don't forget the fumes enough to make you choke.
2  They have a saying in ET: Americans have the watches but we have the time. So true and good in some ways but not so great when trying g to complete paperwork quickly.
3. The people are quieter here.  The street can be completely full and people all around and yet it still isn't loud.
4. Shoe shine boys are everywhere.  Your shoes can look like new for 30 cents.
5. its common to see herds of goats running down a four lane street.

I will post some more later as I think of them.  Please pray we get our letter today and get to take Cyrus with us.
Thanks Leigha

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