Monday, June 13, 2011

It's in the mail!

If all goes well, and please pray it does, our paperwork will be leaving for Ethiopia on Fri. I can't wait to get on to the next step, I have been more impatient than ever with this adoption.

On a completely different note here's what happens when dad says you can dress yourself:

Yes we went out to eat like this. One child ago, I would have never let them out the door in such a mismatched state, but well something has got to give when you have four kids and hopefully two more on the way.



  1. CONGRATS you guys!! we'll be praying for your little ones to arrive home quickly!!!

  2. They look perfect to me-- and doing a happy dance for their newest family on the way!! Love and miss you guys!
    ---- and I have a purple noise it yours? or Merica's? :)

  3. That sounds like Gabe too. He thinks red and hot pink go together. That's why I set out clothes ahead of time. Lovin' the poses.

  4. They may start a new trend.... I was the exact same way, mom considered it good if I came down in something other than stretch flower pants and a hot pink shirt with red socks!!!! It shows how unique and amazing they are !