Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy tonight, heavy for some many things. Several weeks ago we received an email from our agency telling us wait times for referrals went from 4-6 months to 10-16 months. Oh sure the wait kills me, thinking about our children hoping to get them home as soon as possible. But what about the children what do they face, how are they suffering during the wait. And with the news of increased wait times came the increasingly more alarming news that the drought in the horn of Africa, which includes portions of southern Ethiopia, has now been declared a famine. A famine in the southern region where Isaac is from. If you read this I encourage you to give, give to save a life, perhaps even a Singleton life. Don't let the vastness of the problem paralyze you, be moved by compassion, by a heart the longs to see every child feed. World Vision is one organization that I believe is really reaching the people with food, water, and hope. Please give, we are the hands and feet of Jesus and if we won't help who will?
So glad Isaac is home, safe, happy, and feed. Please pray for the waiting children of Ethiopia and give to aid in the relief of the the famine. Go to www.worldvision.org to give today.

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