Saturday, January 16, 2010

Travel Date

Finally a date!! In about a month will be holding our sweet baby boy in our arms. We have to be in country Feb. 14. What a wonderful Valentine! I confess this is slower than we hoped, as it is so often with adoptions. Some of you have asked why we haven't left yet. It would appear that once he is legally our son we would be able to leave immediately to bring him home. That is not the case, the delay is caused by the need to have a visa and passport for him to travel and we have to wait to get an embassy appointment to get the necessary documents to bring him home. Long story short we now have an embassy appointment so now we can make firm travel plans to bring him home. We might have the opportunity to meet his birth mother and if that is possible we might have to leave a couple days early to make that happen. Thank you for you prayers and support, please continue to pray for Isaac, travel, and our bonding together. In the past bonding has come quickly and relatively easy. We are praying for a smooth transition for him. We will keep you updated as we prepare and while we are in country so you can share in the miracle of adoption!


  1. Thanks for the update!! He's even changed more since I was there last month...sweet Abebe (Isaac)...can't wait to hold you again! Ben and Leigha, thanks for the note and gift - we are speechles and so very grateful!

  2. Now that's a Valentine!! He is without a doubt such a cutie! Sorry, Ben, but he's almost pretty. I can't wait to meet Isaac soon even though it looks like we'll need to push the reunion back some. I'm pretty sure he needs me to hold him right away.

  3. I am so happy for you my heart hurts and my eyes are tearing up - Isaac is such a blessed boy.
    Can't wait to see him and let me know if you need any help with your travel while passing through Indy. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Aunt Mary

  4. What a special baby boy!!! All of his important dates have been on special days! The Lord is celebrating over him all his days!! Can't wait to meet him!