Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sammy's Gotcha Day

This is a photo of Sam shortly after he came home. Today is his 2ND Gotcha Day. For those of you who don't know what gotcha day is, let me explain. Today is the day we took Sammy as our own. It's a surreal experience to take a child with you, one you barley know and yet love deeply into your arms and carry him home. That's exactly what Jesus does for us. We call and he comes and carries us home whether we know him or not, he loves us deeply.

This Sammy on his third birthday(Dec. 3). Now that we know him we love him even more. He is a bundle of energy, chaos, and love. Things are never boring with Sam around and we wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Gotcha Day Sam! We love you.


  1. Precious Sam!!! We love you! Wouldn't trade anything for the experience of bringing our children home together! Levi send his cousins his love!

  2. How we love you, Sammy! I'm so happy we shared this special day with you and Ben. Sam is in many of our photos, and every time I see him I smile just thinking of our days together. You and Ben really were such leaders on the trip, especially for rookies like Jake and me. You looked calm ALL the time, and that peace was contagious. We're so happy for you guys and your next adventure coming very soon. How I wish we could welcome you home. We WILL be praying. Love you guys!

  3. Miss you Sammy! You're getting sooo big! Can't wait to see you all...we have your family pic in Sakari's room! I think we should get a huge frame with pics of all our travel families for her room!