Monday, November 9, 2009

Orphan Sunday

For several weeks now the Lord has been leading me to share with our congregation on Orphan Sunday. I knew I had to share, but what, our story, God heart for the orphan, well it bacame both.
The week leading up to Orphan Sunday was a battle, and I mean a spritiual battle, all the kids were sick, that's right three sick boys with one tired overwhelmed mother, trying to figure out what she is suppost to say on the upcomeing Sunday and keep them all comfortsable and did I mention Ben is is the midst of harvest and is rarely home except to sleep. It's been so wet this fall and you guessed it, it was completely dry this weeek so they had to hit it hard, working long hours. That is the life of a farmer. It's a good life, but it's also somtimes means mom is on her own, for periods of time. Well Sat. rolls around kids are better, but now I am sick and I'm not done with my "talk" and the boys are tired of being home. Well I got out my cell phone and began texting like a champ to my girlfirends and family asking for prayer and they prayed my up and Orphan Sunday was beautiful. I say all this to point out that satan tried his best to keep me from defending the cause fo the fatherless this week, but I will not be detured from this calling, not only will we adopt untill our family is complete we will defend the casue and try to help others realize their calling concerning the orphans. Below is a copy of my "orphan sunday talk"

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