Monday, November 23, 2009

Go Get Baby

That has been Sam's (our nearly 3 year old) mantra every day since we got our referral. One evening we went out for supper and we were talking about when we would go get our baby and how excited we would be.... Well we pulled into our drive way after supper and Sam bursts into tears... MY GO GET BABY... over and over again. He was tired, but it was like he knew what our baby was facing, alone and without his forever family. It was heart breakingly sweet. Every child deserves a home of his own, with a mommy and daddy to love and be loved. Won't you meet that need for an orphan today.
On a lighter note, I told Sammy we needed to go to Wal-mart and he pipes up with the perfect reply, "to get my baby." He knows you can buy everything else there... why not baby too? If only it were that easy. He is such a joy and a wonderful distraction while we wait to bring our baby home.

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