Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sorry we've been missing in action!

Hey everyone... if anyone is still out there??? It's been hard to find the time to share, but I know I need to make time, because I feel God urging me to share in this manner to help others in their adoption journeys. So I'm going to try to do better and post once a week.

It's been crazy since we got home with Isaac, but it's been sooooo good too! He is such a delight. I feel so blessed to be his mom. I have really enjoyed doing the baby phase again. Some of you might not know, but Abe and Sam were toddlers when they came home so I haven't had a baby in the house since Owen (7 1/2 years ago). Isaac is such a good baby. He adjusted very quickly. I was expecting several months of crying, clingy baby, but he has adjusted beautifully. He is eating like a little pig, sleeping pretty good and smiling and charming all of our socks off every moment of the day. I even have a hard time sharing him. I just don't want to put him down. I think of his birth mom often, all of my sons birth mothers actually, and my heart is a mix of emotions. I'm gratefully they had the courage to let go, I'm sad they had to let go, I'm content in knowing this is Gods plan coming together, my heart rejoices with each mile stone and accomplishment the boys have and yet it aches for the ones who misses the moment and so many others. This trip I was really hit in the face with the sacrificially love birth mothers must have to be able to let go of their children, because it hurts. I see Isaac's birth mama's face in my mind and I know there isn't a day goes by that she doesn't think of him, long for him, ache for him, and yet she couldn't care for him, so she made sure to find someone who could.

Today in Bible study I read this verse and wanted to share. "When they walk through the Valley of Weeping it will become a place of springs where pools of blessings and refreshment collect after the rains!" Psalm 84:6 This verse touched my heart because I have been through the Valley of Weeping and now, that place in my life is full of blessings and refreshment. When Owen was six months old I had emergency surgery and was told I couldn't have any more children. The Valley of Weeping followed and it was a long dark time, but now I often tell others how grateful I am to God, for this season of infertility, because it brought me my sons. You see I know God knew what it would take to bring me to adoption and he didn't hold back because he knew the pools of blessings I would miss, without the Vally of Weeping.

Here are some photos of my blessings!

Isaac has gone from quiet, cute, and cuddley to curious, nosiey, and semi mobile. Yes, Sam likes to dress up, in these pictures you can see saddle up your horses man and singer man (the one with the police hat is singer man, not sure what that's about yet).
On a completely different note Christianity Today's web site has a great article titled 210 Million Reasons to Adopt! Read it and pass it on.


  1. beautiful post, leigha! beautiful!! thankful for you guys!!

  2. So precious!!! I know all about crazy! I'm glad I had a chance to catch up on your family ---and this post is beautiful!!! You are such a reflection of our Father's gracious heart!! Can't wait to see you all!! Counting down the days!

  3. hey guys long time no see!!!! Miss you all! Congrats on the new little guy!! Lets get together soon!

    My email is

  4. We've missed you so much!! I've done a great job of leaving you alone, but I've thought of your precious family so, so many times. Thrilled to hear that the adjustment has gone smoothly. You are such a terrific mama, and I can't wait to hug all those handsome boys.

  5. We are so happy for you all! It was so great to see Isaac last week even if it was only for a second. Congratulations!